Q. What time are you open?

A. We’re open 9am to 9pm. We have a night window for pawn/buy transactions after 9pm and before 9am but the shop won’t be open then.
Q. What’s your eBay id? Where can I buy items other than shirts, mugs , etc?
A. Our eBay seller i.d. is goldsilverpawn & we have many more items on there that aren’t on the shop section of the website.
Q. When do you film?
A. Almost everyday!
Q. Can I send an item to you for you to look at and maybe buy from me?
A. The only way we can do business is for you to bring the item into our store. We understand that you might be out of the Las Vegas area but unfortunately we can’t do business with out the seller and item being in store.
Q. How do i find out if an item that was on the show is currently for sale?
A. You can check our eBay account under seller i.d. goldsilverpawn or you can call the shop anytime!
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