Express Pawn Open For Business!

Good news!  Today we mark the official opening of our brand new Express Pawn counter.  We reached out to fans and really wanted to know how we could improve the customer/fan experience.  Well, we listened and here is what we did.

We remodeled a small portion of the ware house to install a new express pawn counter!  This will help in several ways.  Mainly it allows folks to be able pawn or sell their items to the shop if they happen to stop by during filming, which we unfortunately have to temporarily close down the shop for.  Now with the new express counter, we meet our customer’s needs in 2 different places, cutting down on wait time, and potential crowdedness.   The new addition is located on the front of the building just north of the front door at the roll up gate.  It even comes with a new sign.

If you’re in town come on down and check out the new express pawn!





express pawn




  1. Hello the wife and my self are hoping to come to les Vegas next June 27/14.
    It will be our 50TH Wedding Anniversary, we would love to come see your shop, and go around and see American restoration,& counting cars I like all three programs. We are from Ontario Canada and never been down to Vegas. Hope to see you.

  2. Love your show!! I have been wanting to desperately find out about an item I keep seeing in the background of your show. Its a bronze rectangular portrait showing the back of a female with a towel draping down her waist and hips. You probably sold it already, but if you could tell me more about it I would appreciate it. I would love to have something similar, if not the same thing, for my place.

  3. love the show, I would love to visit some day!

  4. Your show is the best show show on the cable Net work ,,,

  5. Dispongo de tres carteles originales que gane hacia varios años en una subasta, se trata de tres cartles de REWARD JESSE JAMES, FRANK JAMES Y COLE YOUNGER, estaría interesado en venderlos, me puede hacer una oferta yo enviaría fotos del articulo.

  6. I will be THERE SOON !!!!!! Hi “Chum Lee”. Bringing the Old Man & Chum Lee chicken wings !!!

  7. Swet….B right there!

  8. hello, My name is Agustina, I’m from Argentina I watch yor TV programme every sunday and I love you! I learn and funny in your programme.

  9. Saw the show only a few times and love it, my cable provider sucks here in Canada… I’ll be in Vegas in August, mabe I should bring my diamond wedding ring and go see you guys. (divorced and won’t needing them anymore)Lolll!!!

  10. Enjoy your show very much. I own a pawn shop in Kissimmee, FL. Plan on visiting this fall.

  11. Wish you had an online sales department. :)

    • Denise,
      Hang in there, we’ve got somethings in the works for the near future!

  12. Coming to Vegas in October 14-18. Have a signed,numbered and framed Leroy Neiman pring limoted to 200 and a vintage small western Steve McQueen signed photo for sale that would like to sell. Price is right, would love to be on show, and can send items ahead. I can send photos of both. Contact me by email if interested.

  13. Rick – Great show ! I love your vast knowledge of history – but you were WRONG when you stated Major League Baseball was cancelled during WWII. FDR correctly insisted Major League Baseball continue to function during the war years simply to improve the morale of American troops and folks back home.

  14. My friend and I will be in Las Vegas in October and have some items we’d like to bring for you to take a look at. We’ll be there Friday and Saturday, October 18 and 19 — will you be open on those days, and do we need reservations??

    Thanks so much.


    • Janice, we will be open, and you do not need reservations.


  15. Mike here. I,m from the Philippines, watched and enjoyed all your shows through our local cable. Sadly I missed attending your Asia visit here.
    So instead I will try to get a u.s. visa, So I could personally visit your shop instead.. hopefully bring some old stuff you guys might find interesting.
    More power guys!

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