Express Pawn Open For Business!

EP south

Good news!  Today we mark the official opening of our brand new Express Pawn counter.  We reached out to fans and really wanted to know how we could improve the customer/fan experience.  Well, we listened and here is what we did.

We remodeled a small portion of the ware house to install a new express pawn counter!  This will help in several ways.  Mainly it allows folks to be able pawn or sell their items to the shop if they happen to stop by during filming, which we unfortunately have to temporarily close down the shop for.  Now with the new express counter, we meet our customer’s needs in 2 different places, cutting down on wait time, and potential crowdedness.   The new addition is located on the front of the building just north of the front door at the roll up gate.  It even comes with a new sign.

If you’re in town come on down and check out the new express pawn!





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