eBay Item Of The Week June 18th The Rick Harrison Skull Links Bracelet! Sickle Of Death

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This week’s featured eBay item is the Rick Harrison Skull Links Bracelet.  Avid fans of the show will have noticed that Rick sports this mean look’n bracelet in almost every episode of Pawn Stars.  A few years ago Rick set out to find a new cool bracelet.  Something that no one else had, and something that could be uniquely his.  So, with no luck finding exactly what he wanted, he decided to have something created special, just for him.  So, Rick got together with some local jewelers and had the skulls crafted just like he envisioned, and thus was born the Sickle Of Death!  Now you have the opportunity to own your own personal Sickle Of Death!  Each of these bracelets are hand made right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, out of our scrap silver exclusively for the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.  You won’t find these anywhere else!  Each bracelet comes with 8 Skull Links weighing approximately 8 grams each, and locks securely to your wrist with a sick Bone Clasp.  We can add or remove as many links as needed for a personal fit.  Head on over to our eBay page and get pick one up now!


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