Come Meet Rick at the Worlds Fair of Money!


Join Rick Harrison and 1,000s of other coin enthusiasts at the World’s Fair of Money in Denver, Colorado. This is the biggest coin show in the USA! Participate in educational events, get your rare coins appraised by some of the businesses foremost coin experts and see amazing specimens from around world. The US mint will have over a Billion dollars worth of rare coins and currency on display! Rick will be taking a break from his coin shopping to do a meet & greet from 10-11am at Modern Coin Mart’s booth #1000 on August 3rd! Come by and say hi! The show is open to the public but there is an admission fee. For more information click here!

Make sure you check out the latest additions to our coin section! New Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, & Donald Trump coins starting at $29.95. Also check out the incredibly cool Silver $100 currency strike, a beautiful replica of $100 bill made out of silver and only $29.99!! These are limited edition items and selling fast, order yours today before they are gone forever!


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