Chum Walks With Julia’s Heart Throbs For Children’s Heart Foundation

Saturday, Chumlee walked with Julia’s Heart Throbs for the Children’s Heart Foundation at their 10th annual ”Walk with the Heart of a Child.”. Gold & Silver Pawn sponsored Julia’s team.  The walk was at Fashion Show Mall and there were over 2000 walkers.  Chum walked the full 3K and signed autographs and took pictures with dozens of fans.  Let us know if you were there and saw Chum!




  1. Hello, I’m Marco and I live in Brazil.
    I love to see your show on Brazilian TV.
    My daughter and I love the Chum Lee, he’s very funny, why are your brazilian fans.
    When I have a chance to go to the United States, and especially in Las Vegas, we will surely its fantastic Store.
    I love antiques and Brazil, today, this market is growing thanks to you guys. Here is a version of their program called “CHAOS”.
    Hugs and God bless.


  2. Good for you dude! A worthy cause. Respect.

  3. Whoo! Go Chum! Definitely an awesome thing to do man.

  4. Is chum related to the harrisons?

  5. I absolutely love chum!!!!

  6. Hi Chum You are awesome! Hope to get to meet you when we come to Vegas from Australia in July. Watch the show every chance I get! Cheers Mate!

  7. we like chum .here in india we watch your show without missing any episode.

  8. i only say after watch that photo ‘ lagoor ke haath me angoor’ but you great chum… & please came to india

  9. chum is the best, I only watch the show to see him. I cannot stand the way he is treated. Corey is a conceited disrespectful young man

  10. why is your nick name chumlee

  11. Hats off to CHUMLEE!!! Yet another reason to like and respect CHUMLEE !! Go chum go!

  12. Hello Harrison’s. Im from philippines and I super loved your show, hopefully our local network here in Philippines will continue viewing your shows. I super loved it. thanks to you all and god bless..

  13. Way to go chum my hat is off to you

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