Check Out Corey’s New Facebook Page!

Hey Pawn Stars’ fans!  Head on over to Facebook now and “Like” Corey’s new page!  Corey will be updating it frequently, so make sure to check it often and see what he’s up to here in Vegas!



  1. I love your show you and chum are funnier than cartoon people


  3. Hello Corey! I have been watching you guys for quite a while. You seem very grounded and have good interactions with people! Glad to see you are getting what you have worked hard for! I am coming to Vegas in the coming months and plan to come by the shop! Good luck!

  4. Great Show I think a lot of it is just for tv ,still a good show just wondering is Chum really that dumb or is that for tv also ,i think u all should have ur own biggest loser episode ,would nt hurt ,make a great show for tv ,,Thanks

  5. I would fire your ass if it were true taking out the roadster without the dads permission.

  6. hi corey love your way with people,,and your best friend,,chumlee,,your grandpa,,and your dad,,,heading out that way ,,,would love to drop by and say hello.

  7. hi corey, i´m from brazil, the pawn shop show it´s great! i´m fan of you, hugs to you all.

  8. Lol. This show reminds me of my family in Fort Mill, SC. Its awesome to watch this show, I actually learn a lot from you guys. Keep doing what you do! :)

  9. Hey Corey,
    Looking good, next time I am out your way with my ( Fat Boy ) Harley, You can show me around.

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