Caught At The New Pawn Stars Slot Machine!

Monday the Pawn Shop CFO was walking through the Bellagio and caught these two young ladies playing the new Pawn Stars slot machine!

We’re always keeping our eye on the machines, if we catch you playing we’ll take your picture and put you on the website!

Play on Pawn Stars fans!

Also, if you’ve played the new game let us know in the comments what you thought about it!


  1. Hey Guy’s, Are Your Slot’s Only Placed In The “Bellagio”. Come April, My Wife And I Will Be Staying At Treasure Island. Show Me What Kind Of Pull You Got & Get A Few “Slot’s” In The TC…………….. Thanks.

    • Cory may be an ass but he’s laughing all the way to the bank!!!

      • Oh and his name is spelled “Corey”….my bad as well….

  2. Cory is an ass. I don’t like the way he treats Rick. He doesn’t deserve to be a partner in the store, because it doesn’t seem like he cares enough about it.

  3. I agree with Jannie .
    I don’t know whether the producers are deliberately trying to create drama between Cory & Rick but if they are it isn’t doing anything positive for the show .
    In fact i am getting ready to ditch the show from my must watch list !!!
    It is probably too late to change this for the current season .
    If i wanted to watch people showing disrespect for family i would watch that other series from Chicago

  4. It would be nice if Corey wasn’t so arrogant to the customers. Since the show got more popular. He seems to get more and more like that. Its going to his head maybe? Hope he corrects that. Its a fantastic show!

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