Big Hoss’ Big Bike Makeover

Big Hoss had a bike accident not too long ago and he escaped pretty unscathed, except for a couple forearm tats which need some new ink.  The bad news is Black Bob had to go into bike rehab and today he got Black Bob back, more gold than before – bigger, better, faster, stronger, cooler like Steve Austin!

Chris from L A Speed Shop and Casey from Head Case Kustom Art did all the work on the bike.


  1. should have stuck a narrow glide front end on it, better in cornering and lifts the front up better but that bike has a nice look well done you fulla’s.

  2. Corey, Looks like they did a great job, hope you recovered alright. I hope it didn’t cost 6 million dollars, LOL.

  3. very nice

  4. Nice.. Be careful. You might not be so lucky next time.

  5. I’m glad you’re ok Big Hoss…Bike looks GREAT!

  6. Greetings from the Isle of Man… magical land of the TT and Bikes… more than you can shake a clutch at, at the moment… this bike is real cool… but you know that already ;o)

  7. Bike is sick! Glad you’re okay Big Hoss!

  8. Big Hoss-you were sure lucky that day….did you see your life flash before your eyes?I would have been so scared and unable to get back on the bike.Great job with the restoring of it.

  9. I wrecked awhile ago and still got up and limped away, but okay. That pavement don’t give, does it.
    I retook the defensive riding class again. Swallow the pride and bone up on you’re skills again. It’s cheap insurance and actually kinda cool too. The best manuver is leaning the bike to turn under you while you’re sitting up straight.
    Ride on!

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  11. So the bike is better…how about those tats???? Charlie and his daughter from Charlies House of Tattoos would be happy to help you out, maybe we could come to you guys and put part of your tat rehab on the show…. We’ve been inking for 21+ years and arent new to reality tv we did a stint on mtvs date my son/daughter a few years ago.. How about it Hoss feel ut to it.


    • Yes, John, he did lose a LOT of weight. Like a hundred pounds. And he looks amazing!! Great job, Corey! You look great, the bike looks beautiful (I think gold was the perfect color for you), and out there in Texas we hope you keep doing what you’re doing because we love you!! I had a wreck on a bike several years ago and banged up my elbows pretty bad. Didn’t mess any of my ink up ’cause my ink is always under cover, but it scared me away from bikes for life, I’m afraid. I’ve been trying to make it out to Vegas for years, as I want to see Cher perform out there. Just love her to death. Haha! I know she calls in to CNN or something sometimes, but I think you should have her on your show once! Every great show needs a special appearance by Cher. :) The show is the best anyway, but you know, a Cher appearance would just put it over the top.

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