Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell

Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell

Chum – the comic, the philosopher, the artist, the brother, the man.  Chumlee is the best definition of an accidental celebrity to ever come across the media.  Afterall, what is it he is famous for?  He loves his sneakers, his caps, his designer duds, his family and his friends and maybe a little music, too.  He is a great shot in basketball, an amazing big brother, a generous beyond what is good for him friend, and a champ in so many ways.  Funny without meaning to be and sometimes while meaning to be, he is a breakout star and fan favorite.  Great with kids and teens, the girls shake when they meet him like perhaps One Direction or the Biebs has just walked into the room.  Chum will never lie to anyone, he is truthful to a fault but he thinks long and hard about any answer, opinion, or bit of wisdom he is about to lay on you.


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