Ask Chumlee!

If you could ask Chumlee one question, what would you ask him?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Hey Chumlee! Of all your ink, which one is the most important to you?

  2. Hey Chum, you sexy beast! If you were a cucumber in a salad and you were about to be eaten, what would you do? Don’t think about it…just say the first thing that comes to mind! There are no wrong answers and it is a great question to gain insight into an individual’s personality.

    • Chum,
      Do you have a steady girlfriend? What happened to Peaches?

  3. Hi, i have a bunch of 124th scale nascar diecast cars. Do you have any clue of where or a website i could sell these items.

  4. How did you meet Trap-A-Holics? :)

  5. Wondering how often are you in the pawn shop? Do you ever watch Hardcore Pawn and wonder how they get any business after kicking sooo many people out?

  6. p.s. we have a female Jon gotti blue pitbull named Miss Bailey that looks like your handsome boy pit, her father was ‘Trump’ snoop doggs pitbull:) are interested in meeting other pitbull enthusiasts or breeders?
    Also, my daughter would like to know what your favorite Pawn Stars find has been?

  7. I was wondering if you still had any thoosde ozs of
    Silver with the old man on them for sale ?

  8. Is it true you have a F150 Raptor SVT?

  9. Happy New Year Chumlee! My question is, Has fame changed any of you, or are you more or less the same guys? Also, are you guys hiring? I’d love to work there! :)

  10. How did you and Corey meet? Are you really best friends?

  11. Hi, was wondering if you all would ever consider doing on line apraisels. That would be really nice for people who could never be on show and could possible open a huge market for you. If you already do this where do we go to take part.

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