Greetings and thank you for checking out our ‘Advertise’ page. While you are here, I guess you are interested in advertising on our site or at least checking out how you can advertise your products/company here at

Our site is getting about 50k to 80k unique visitors a month. I suppose most of them are either our fans or are interested in our pawnshop business. Some are probably interested in looking for good items to buy from our store.

Ad placement

We have 2 prominent locations where you can place your ads. First is the top horizontal banner area (leaderboard). This is a premium banner area which can be seen ‘above the fold’ on our site. This banner area is visible in all our pages and blog posts except for the ecommerce area.

The top banner area has a size of 728×90 (leaderboard)

The second part is the vertical banner area located at the front page of our site, as well as in the bio pages of Corey, Rick, Chum Lee and Old Man. Our frontpage acts as our ‘front door’ and thus it is the most visited web page in our site.

The size of the vertical banner area is 160×600 (wide skyscraper). It can also accommodate the smaller 120×600 (skyscraper) standard size.

Here’s the screen shot of the ad placements boxed in RED.

Front Page

Bio Pages


As an advertiser, you might want to check out some demographic data of our visitors. These data came from quantcast, a leading site when it comes to providing website demographic data.

Age Bracket

Household Income


How to Advertise

Just click on our Contact Us page and tell us what you need and we’ll gladly talk about it.

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